Denise: Picture books to help with big feelings
Ravis Roar
Ravi's Roar 
The perfect book for helping toddlers understand their temper tantrums, and how they can try to avoid them. Ravi enjoys becoming a tiger at first as he can do anything he wants but who wants to play with a growling, noisy tiger who won't share?
Barbara throws a wobbler
Barbara Throws A Wobbler
A sock problem and a pea which isn't quite right at lunchtime prove the catalyst for Barbara to throw an out of control wobbler. But what if she can work with her wobbler to make things right again?
Where the Wild Things Are
Where The Wild Things Are
Perfect for children from 4+ this classic picture book was one of the first to explore children's feelings of anger.  
You Can Do Anything Tyrone
You Can Do Anything Tyrone
Perseverance and self belief is the key in this rhyming adventure from Sir Lenny Henry all about building a fantastic rocket worthy of a trip to the Moon.
Harriet The Strongest Girl In The World
A fun and heart warming story about a strong girl called Harriet who thinks being strong is amazing but does find it hard to fit in. It celebrates our differences and how to find a place to belong.