Strange Japanese Yokai : A Guide to Weird and Wonderful Monsters, Demons and Spirits by Zack Davisson

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Since time immemorial, Japan has been inhabited by supernatural creatures, spirits, monsters and demons...Here's your chance to meet them up close and personal!Strange Japanese Yokai assembles an extraordinary collection of mysterious creatures in every possible shape and size, each with their own unique back story. Some are well-known, others obscure. The one thing they share in common is that they are creepy and weird!The 122 different Yokai described in this book include:The Kappa: A dangerous creature who lives in lakes and rivers and attacks passers-byThe Nurarihyon: A mysterious Yokai with a huge head who steals food, tobacco and alcoholThe Yadokai: A mischievous former monk who wanders at night vandalizing and being a pestThe Ohaguru:A scary Yokai with black teeth who looks like a beautiful woman from afar until she gets closer, smiles, and reveals herselfAnd over 100 more!Yokai expert Kenji Murakami identifies each Yokai, explains the history, where they commonly appear, and their strange powers. The book is illustrated with hundreds of full-color drawings showcasing the fascinating features of these strange creatures. Every monster here, no matter how disgusting, is part of the rich cultural legacy of Japan. *Recommended for readers ages 14 & up*
Binding: Paperback / softback

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