Evaporating Suns : Contemporary Myths from the Arabian Gulf by Latifa Al Khalifa

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Evaporating Suns explores myths from the Arabian Gulf through contemporary art. Based on the concept that the mythical and the factual are like two sides of the same coin, the catalogue accompanying the exhibition shows that myths do not simply convey fictions, but that they are instead capable of presenting truth much more vividly than statistics and facts ever could. The publication showcases the work of 13 contemporary artists from the Arabian peninsula, who explore the folklore and popular myths of their homelands, and use cynicism, satire and fiction to build their universes and rewrite the parallel history of their contemporary societies. Completed by essays by authors from the region, myths are being seen as an opportunity to offer a new approach to negotiate current issues such as the environment, gender, and social structures of power.
Binding: Hardback

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