Scotty Plants A Seed by Lizzy Duncan

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Scotty is a little Scotty dog who was blown onto the Isle of Mull, deep in theheart of a storm. But when a fisherman gives him an old collar with ancientwriting on it, Scotty is whirled off on a series of extraordinary journeys withhis best friend Owl. Crotchety old Owl loves trees - his home being one - andthe collar whisks them away to India to see the Banyan, to Brazil to see thelast tree left standing, and to East Africa, where new seedlings are sproutinggently into fresh forests. Climate change can sometimes be a little frightening, and Scotty's story is atale about the small changes we can all make to protect the planet. WillScotty and Owl get home safely from their journeys around the world? WillOwl manage not to lose all his feathers flapping after the little Scotty, with hisnose for adventure? Will they both learn something extraordinary abouttrees, home, and how to protect it by planting just one seed? Hold tight... Multi-million selling author Conn Iggulden teams up again with fantasticillustrator Lizzy Duncan on this environmental adventure. The story of Scotty was initially produced by the Scotia Group fordistribution to all delegates in attendance at the UN's COP26 climate summitin Glasgow. Conn and Lizzy are thrilled to be working with Little Door Books toexpand Scotty into a series that continues to tell the story about how nobodyis too small to make a difference, and no difference is too small to make whenit comes to saving our planet. Excellent for schools and families wanting to find out more about our worldand how to help protect it. Publishing on World Earth Day 2023
Binding: Paperback / softback

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