The Chasm of Doom : Lone Wolf #4 by Gary Chalk

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Age range 9+In The Chasm of Doom your quest is to lift the veil of mystery that now hangs over the remote Baronial Province of Ruanon. The fourth episode in a unique interactive series of 32 books. 'A contemporary creation of Tolkienian proportions - but you get to be the hero. Lost myself in it as a child, losing myself in it again as I read with my own kids. A unique achievement''Joe Dever has constructed a world so detailed and interesting that I've come to consider his work one of the cornerstones of the fantasy genre.''Simply part of so many people's lives...It reminds me of mornings, afternoons, nights, living in a strange, magic world ready to be discovered. For Sommerlund, the Kai!'
Binding: Paperback / softback

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