A Landscape of Grief : Forty reflections for the journey by Jenny MCSP SRPGad Dip Phys Hawke

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Grief is a new landscape. The roads ahead are unfamiliar, and there are no signs to point the way. Those of us who have been there before cannot tell you the right way, but we can talk of how we found our own way, and how we kept breathing and moving in spite of ourselves in the hope it might bring you some peace. Step by step. Day by day.'A Landscape of Grief presents, as daily readings, excerpts from a diary kept by inspirational artist and writer Jenny Hawke in the days, weeks and months following the death of her husband Peter. The written reflections are combined with a selection of Jenny's beautiful paintings to help as you navigate your own journey through grief. This book will also help those who want to support others who are grieving.
Binding: Hardback

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