The Legacy: A Memoir : One family's role in Britain's cover-ups by Jean Barr

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Jean Barr opens the antique chest she inherited from her great-great-uncle Alexander and unravels the strands of his life as an evangelical Presbyterian minister in late nineteenth century Italy, unpacking the cover-ups in Britain's history of Empire, and bringing to light the ingenious but ordinary ways in which a handful of families, even today, continue to shore up their wealth. She uncovers a series of marriages that placed Alexander within shouting distance of a network of powerful families stretching over generations, families whose staying power has been rooted in hoarding and passing on land and capital. This is the backdrop to Alexander's extraordinary life. It enabled him to flourish in Italy and, in his final years, to become a cheerleader for a dictator. The Legacy: A Memoir is a telling of family history as world history.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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