Trine by Chris Faraday

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Two years after jilting his bride and escaping his hometown of Gracious, Brad Van Reed returns to the aid of his eleven year old sister, Kristen. Though he's having a hard time believing that the old amulet in her possession gives her the power to create sinkholes or see that an evil entity named Nowhere Man is coming for her, Brad's intent on helping her through this phase. But then, Kristen's kidnapped by toxic creatures who claim to be under Nowhere Man's thrall. Left with nowhere else to go, Brad seeks out the help of his former fiance and aspiring astrophysicist, Felicity. But Felicity has new problems of her own: while seeking out a meteorite that supposedly fell to the mountains surrounding Gracious in the nineteenth century, her girlfriend Emily "Flick" Flickinger falls under the thrall of Nowhere Man and flees into the wilderness. Joining forces with crusty recluse Joseph LeFevre, Brad and Felicity stumble on a device similar to Kristen's locket. These make up two parts of a powerful ancient weapon designed to stop Nowhere Man, but the third is missing. Can they find the long lost third item before it's too late? File Under: Science Fiction [ Space Rocks | Thing around your neck | We are nowhere | Small town, big consequences ]
Binding: Paperback / softback

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