On the Top of Dudley's Pond : the prize-winning story about the importance of water-loving creatures in our gardens by Dinah Mason Eagers

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"I'm more important than everybody else," said Lily Alba. "I'm the Queen of the Pond ..." Lily Alba is in for a surprise. A friendly nod from a heron has made her think she is the most important living thing in Dudley's pond. But when she bans the frogs from singing and tips the dragonfly larvae off her lily pad, everyone begins to get worried. Queen Lily is making a mess of things! Luckily, a brave bee steps in before life in the pond goes horribly wrong. How does pond life work? Lily Alba has to find out ... A beautiful story for all ages about the importance of biodiversity - a fabulous sequel to 'beautiful ... engaging and memorable' At the Bottom of Dudley's Garden. WINNER of the Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023
Binding: Paperback / softback

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