Silly Island by Brian Beresford

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Imagine how it would feel to live on an island where you are encouraged to be silly, to laugh, to have fun and simply love life with a big smile on your face. That's what it's like for those who call Silly Island their home. In the schools there are lessons in silly subjects such as juggling rhubarb and standing in buckets of slime. Every HIppetyscringeday (the day we call Thursday) the islanders spend the entire day being as silly as they like, watching and taking part in Silly Shows. Popular island games include high-speed slow bicycle racing and pass the feather. Although they have never even heard of football, the islanders agree to play against Brazil, with hilarious results. Sadly, the Silly Islanders fail to realise that a disaster is about to strike. Art-loving 10-year-old Spring Herb and her drummer friend Jazz McNoodly-Noodly, son of Lollipop. the island's leader, come up with an ingenious idea to try to save the Silly Island, but will they be too late?And... has anyone seen Mister Porridge?A comedy/fantasy with an environmental message, 'Silly Island' will appeal to ages 8 to 12 and anyone who loves to laugh!
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