Dear Prudence : liberating lessons from's beloved advice column by Daniel M. Lavery

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Collected wisdom from the internet's best-loved advice columnist. I recently learned from one of my co-workers that my boss gathered everyone together after I was hired and told them that I was nonbinary and used they/them pronouns, which isn't true - I'd been very clear that I'm a trans man who uses male pronouns. How should I handle this?My husband keeps leaving his toenail clippings around the house. I've started slipping them into his coffee cup. Is there a better solution?I think I'm in love with my brother's wife. What should I do?A collection of the weirdest and wildest questions sent to Slate's longtime agony aunt, internet darling Daniel M. Lavery, whose sympathetic, thoughtful, good-humoured advice is read by millions. Featuring new material as well as fan favourites, this is a must-have for Dear Prudence fans and a dose of good sense, compassion, and understanding in an increasingly fractured world.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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