Divining the Human : The Art of Alexander Newley by Alexander Newley

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Spanning the worlds of Portraiture, Landscape, The Nude, Abstraction and Still Life, Alexander Newley's project fuses the Fine Art traditions of patient observation and draughtsmanship with the transcendental intuitions of the mystic. 'For me, art is a moral activity,' he says, 'a straining after the highest virtue of beauty and enlarged consciousness. As such, all art is essentially religious, even when it shows us the ugliness of a fallen world.'Complementing the images is Newley's personal reminiscence, placing each work in a fascinating narrative of self-becoming -and an often-dogged determination to stay true to his calling. The result is a unique account of an artist's journey in his own words, firmly setting before us a body of work that denys to evolve and explore, always affirming a uniquely 'human' future.
Binding: Hardback

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