In Search of Time : Understanding the nature and experience of time for a better life by Jacob Dahl

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Time is relative, situation-dependent, location- and culturally-dependent, and very much subjective. Yet we treat it as if it were objective. We share standardized time, and we are dependent on it for almost everything we do. When it comes to waking up, business meetings, transportation, finding your way via GPS, seeing friends, watching a show, we are all dependent on a standardized notion of time and time measurement. The future gives us hope and deadlines drive innovation and productivity. Time drives us forward and we talk about time ?_" all the time! The word ?_otime?__ is the most used noun in English, followed by ?_oyear?__ in third place and ?_oday?__ in fifth. We are obsessed with it, for a lot of very good and practical reasons. The book looks at time through different perspectives (ranging from physics, history, philosophy, anthropology to art, business & politics, biology and psychology). The author?_Ts aim is to bring us closer to the nature and our experience of time by looking at it from different lenses to improve our understanding of what time is and what it is not ?_" and to use that knowledge to improve how we organize ourselves around time. It?_Ts by better understanding time?_Ts nature and experience that we can keep the positive and productive elements of time and get rid of the unhealthy time practices in our lives.
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