Lots of Dots by Pippa Goodhart

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Jaguar is feeling very lonely being all on her only! Why doesn't anyone else look like just like her? When clever Ladybird comes to play, she points out that they have more in common than Jaguar might think - they both have simply spectacular spots! Snake and Rockhopper are dotty too, and so the top secret dotsy club is formed! Zebra is so sad when he can't join the club because of his stripes. The club will just have to become a PATTERNS club so he can join in the fun too! But wait! What is a game that all the animals can play together? No one can think of anything! Monkey has an idea, but he's all plain - he can't join the patterns club! Yet, Monkey doesn't mind one bit. He is part of the best secret club of all, the Everybody Club, and anyone can join - the badge of honour is in your heart! The animals agree that the Everyone Club is the best of all.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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