Strangers In Paradise Volume One by Terry Moore

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"accessible, if not downright addicting." - Shelf-Awareness The multi-award-winning series, Strangers In Paradise, gets a brand new update in four exciting volumes! Strangers in Paradise is the compelling love story of three unlikely friends who find themselves bound together by their pasts?_? Katchoo is a beautiful young woman living in the spare bedroom of her high school friend, Francine. Brash and outspoken, Katchoo makes no secret of her love for Francine but that's not an option for the shy, insecure woman who looks for Prince Charming in a series of bad boyfriends. Enter David, a gentle but persistent artist who seems determined to win Katchoo's heart. The resulting triangle is a touching comedy of romantic errors that takes the trio down a complicated road of murder, mayhem, and love featuring an array of characters including crime bosses, psychopaths, and well-meaning friends. Strangers In Paradise is a funny, yet complicated multi-genre graphic novel that is sure to satisfy many tastes. This entire award-winning series is collected into four trade paperback volumes!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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