The Town by Christian Broutin

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Travel through time and see how a prehistoric settlement grows first into a village, then a town, and finally a bustling city. Watch the landscape change as huts become houses, wooden fences become stone walls, castles and churches appear, bridges span rivers, homes crumble and are rebuilt, power lines and roads connect the countryside, until the buildings get taller and cranes tower over the ever-expanding city streets. This title is part of the My First Discovery paperback series - a unique collection of beautifully illustrated information books for children aged 4 to 7, with simple language to aid learning and realistic artwork to inspire young minds. There are 8 transparent overlay pages, which reveal hidden surprises and make the pages come alive. With free access to a brand new audio app, children can listen and read along at their own pace, page by page.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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