How Many More Women? : The silencing of women by the law and how to stop it by Jennifer Robinson

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INCREDIBLE. If you read anything this year, make sure it's this.' -DAISY MAY COOPER'Compelling... brilliant but shaming.' CHERIE BLAIR, KC'Crucial reading for any person wanting to fight against all forms of gendered abuse.' JESS PHILLIPS, MP'This book is another brick through the windows of our legal systems: a brilliant, trenchant analysis of what is wrong with the law.' HELENA KENNEDY, KC'A clear-eyed and damning indictment of the criminal justice system.... the writing is engaging and gripping.' IRISH TIMESWe are in a crucial moment: women are breaking through the cultural reticence around gender-based violence. But just as survivors have begun to feel empowered to speak out, a new form of systematic silencing has made itself more evident: rich and powerful men are using teams of lawyers to suppress allegations and prevent newspaper stories from running. Individual women, advocacy groups and journalists find themselves fighting against censorship. The law is being wielded to reinforce the status quo of silence that existed before #MeToo. If women cannot speak about their abuse - and journalists are fearful of telling their stories - then how can we understand the problem of gender-based violence in our society? And how can we even begin to end it?In How Many More Women? internationally-acclaimed human rights lawyers, Jennifer Robinson and Keina Yoshida, examine the broken systems and explore the changes needed in order to ensure that women's freedom, including their freedom of speech, is no longer threatened by the laws that are supposed to protect them.
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