The Necklace by Jim Fairfax

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Penny still couldn't believe it - Stewart, dead! Killed in broad daylight on a Central London street.'Faded TV presenter Stewart Bingham is lured out of a quiet retirement for one last pay day interview on prime-time television, only to be fatally stabbed as he leaves the London studio. Racked with guilt for lining up this final job, his media agent Penny refuses to accept the police verdict of an anonymous stabbing and launches her own investigation. At the same time, British Secret Service agent Dom Stephens is enlisted to monitor the arrival of his old acquaintance, Dima, back in the UK. As their paths begin to converge, Penny and Dom realise only they can stop a threat to the very heart of the British government. "Full of twists and turns, The Necklace is difficult to put down and doesn't disappoint. The story merges the spy world with everyday life and the interconnected plots keep the reader hooked on every word."
Binding: Paperback / softback

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