Assassin's Creed: Fragments - The Blade of Aizu : The Blade of Aizu by Olivier Gay

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Japan, 1868. The Boshin War is about to begin. The Templars have infiltrated the Emperor's closest advisors and pushed the sovereign to launch an attack against the Shogun Tokugawa, who draws secret support from the Brotherhood of Assassins. Violence soon escalates, threatening the end of centuries of peace--and with it, the end of the glorious era of the samurai. Sixteen-year-old Atsuko grew up in the city of Aizu under the shadow of her older brother, Ibuka. Though destined for an arranged marriage, she stokes a secret passion for combat and can wield weaponry just as well as her brother, whose renowned skill with the blade conceals a mortal fear of battle. When war breaks out, duty calls Ibuka to the front lines alongside his father, and defying ancient tradition that forbids women from fighting, Atsuko joins the war effort in disguise. However, Atsuko soon becomes entangled in political machinations that reach far beyond her and must fight to prove her skills and protect her family--armed only with her blade, her courage, and the strength of her sibling bond. But will it be enough?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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