Rolling the Dice : A totally gripping and unputdownable gritty crime thriller by Stephanie Harte

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The new gripping gangland thriller from Stephanie Harte is perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Martina Cole and Jacqui Rose. All they want is a brighter future but will taking a risk be worth the gamble?Finn McCaskill feels like he's hit the jackpot when he lands a security job at London City Airport handling pallet loads of cash. Old friend Paul Best sees a lucrative opportunity and can't let it pass them by... Lola Marshall hoped moving to London would help her escape her abusive relationship but when she meets Paul she's torn between following her head and her heart... DI Abbie Kingsly is called in to investigate a robbery at the airport. With very little to go on, will she be able to solve the case before the trail runs cold?When they each roll the dice there are no guarantees. Which one of them will pay the highest price? Nothing in life is free. Readers love Rolling the Dice!'BRILLIANT READ... Stephanie Harte books just keep getting better and better... Absolutely loved the twist that I didn't see coming. Highly recommended!' NetGalley 5* Review'Theft, domestic abuse, murder, greed, corruption... You name it, this book has it!... An excellent page turner... It was very well written and will be keeping my eyes peeled for future releases from Stephanie Harte as usual!' NetGalley 5* Review'Don't hesitate to buy this book! There's violence, crime, romance... Stephanie Harte is definitely keeping up with the big hitters of this genre such as Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers.' NetGalley 5* Review'My heart was in my mouth... An unputdownable read right to the end.' NetGalley 5* Review'Gripping, gritty gangland thriller from Stephanie Harte. I loved it. I highly recommend 5 stars from me.' Goodreads 5* Review'Gritty page turner. Couldn't sleep as needed to finish it. This author is so brilliant.' NetGalley 5* Review'Wow this book was great it was like 3 separate books in 1. Really hope there is a follow up. Highly recommend buying this book, it was excellent.' NetGalley 5* Review'Loved this book. 5 stars for this author as usual. She has become one of my top authors.' NetGalley 5* Review'Explosive tale of abuse, fear, thrills, and crime... Very cleverly written.' NetGalley 5* Review'If you like authors like Casey Kelleher and Kerry Kaya then definitely give this author a go!' NetGalley 4* Review'Up there with the best of other female, gritty, crime writers.' NetGalley 4* Review'Brilliant... Gritty page turner. Loved it.' NetGalley 5* Review'Full of brilliant gritty gangland crime thriller... I just love the way Stephanie writes her books just just get better and better.' NetGalley 5* Review'Cracking read.' NetGalley 5* Review'Action-packed gangland thriller that's kept me reading from page one... Surprising and totally unexpected ending... So exciting I couldn't stop reading.' NetGalley 5* Review
Binding: Paperback / softback

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