The Yards by A.F. Carter

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Bridget O'Rourke just wanted to blow off some steam. She never expected to be accused of murder. The rundown town of Baxter doesn't have a lot going for it, but there's always somewhere for single mother Bridget O'Rourke to cut loose and forget about her life. All she wanted was to put aside worried thoughts of her daughter, Charlie, and find a handsome stranger to spend the night with. She never expected to be accused of murder. Now Bridget is in deep trouble. She's just woken up in a dark hotel room with a strange man she can't seem to rouse, and is surrounded by money and guns. When the dead body is discovered with a bullet through its forehead, Officer Delia Mariola is one of the first on the scene. She knows the victim is connected to the mob, but something feels off - all signs point to a pick-up gone wrong. Which means that all signs point to Bridget. Suspenseful, thrilling and unpredictable, The Yards is a dark mystery with two unforgettable women at its core. Reviewers on The Yards:'A breathless suspenser that's also a painfully acute evocation of the wrong side of the tracks' Kirkus 'Another impressive effort from Carter' Publishers Weekly
Binding: Paperback / softback

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