The Switch by Neil Bradshaw

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George and Graham Miller are identical twins. So identical that nobody, not even their parents can definitively say which is which. When George and Graham are young, they discover, quite by chance, that they can switch identities. Neither friend nor family ever suspects a thing! This continues until they are eighteen when for the first time, they go their separate ways. George enters the world of professional football and lives a very hedonistic lifestyle, enjoying all the trappings that fame and celebrity bring. Graham shuns the spotlight and chooses to further his education at university, where he learns to become a very successful and hard-working businessman, forever pushing himself to strive for the next challenge. For the first time in their lives, they are separate, their identity not 'one of a pair'. And they like it. However, when a series of events threatens the career, reputation and livelihood of one of them, they realise their only option is to play 'the switch' once again. This time the stakes are much higher; failure would be devastating for them both. They will have to endure five days of nerve-shredding tension. Five days that will either make them or break them. Will their scheme work as seamlessly as when they were young? Or will a number of unforeseen intrusions from the past threaten to destroy their lives?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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