My Disability Story by Omar Lobban

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Nobody is perfect and that is the beauty of life and, crucially, what makes us all so amazingly unique. Just like Tamoye. Being young can be hard enough, but for Tamoye, navigating school and everyday life can be even harder because of her disability - clubfoot, or 'talipes' to give it its official name. Due to this, Tamoye finds herself made fun of and sometimes left out by her friends. However, this brave little girl draws inspiration from others with similar differences, and we see Tamoye blossom and gain confidence and understanding of her own condition, whilst learning to accept and, ultimately, prize her own uniqueness. My Disability Story can be used by both early readers and parents wishing to introduce the ideas of body-positivity and inclusivity at a young age. This inspirational tale, written with strong poetic rhythms, will teach young people the importance of valuing who they are in an interactive and memorable way. Children are never too young or too old to learn about the importance of self-love. This powerful and highly personal story can help others on their journey, too!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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