Glen Gairn : The Glen and its Folk by Margaret A. Fraser

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Today it is hard to imagine Glen Gairn, Aberdeenshire, as the lively, thriving community Margaret Fraser remembers. A glen populated with creative and hard-working folk; millers, musicians, blacksmiths, athletes and poets. Margaret brings the past to life in her memoirs. It is evident that Margaret's habit of cataloguing events was a familial trait. Her grandfather, Alexander Shaw, also put pen to paper and his manuscript, which was passed on to Margaret is included in this book. Alexander tells tales of whisky stills and detectives giving a further peep into past times. Educated at Glen Gairn School and an active member of the Glen Gairn Church where she played the organ during services as a teen. She recalls childhood tricks on her teacher, dances in the barn at Balno, Gairnside weddings and royal picnics! Her love of the area reflected in her tales of the glen and the tenacity and camaraderie of the glen folk. Margaret's memoirs give an intimate glimpse into the changing face of Glen Gairn in Royal Deeside through a woman who was part of the living history of the glen itself.
Binding: Hardback

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