Dare to Dream by Lorraine BCAh Lewis

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Lorraine Lewis grew up as part of a small family, always encouraged to follow her dreams. For her, this dream was a career in law. Certainly, this was not a common path for a black woman to take. She was constantly reminded of this at every turn, and most worryingly, this negativity often came from people in positions of authority and guidance. Despite the challenges, she was able to overcome the challenges and qualify as a barrister at the age of 21. It was a couple of months after getting married at age 25 that Lorraine's life would change forever; the shock of her mother-in-law receiving a cancer diagnosis, and the loss of her father-in-law, was incredibly hard to process for someone with no experience of death. Experiencing the trials of cancer treatment as a close family member lead Lorraine and her husband Lee to decide to do something to make that journey easier. The Lewis Foundation was created, despite their lack of knowledge and experience, and was brought to life thanks to the kindness of friends and family gifting their time to help bring this dream to life. Five years and thousands of people supported later, this is the story of how that dream became a reality.
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