Fakes : A NovoFlick by Vincent McInerney

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FAKES is a story of intrigue and crime set in the Liverpool of the 1970s. With a rich cast of characters, its energy suspense and comedy are driven by the dialogue of the key players as they become involved in the hectic circumstances surrounding the sale and whereabouts of a stolen baroque painting purchased with missing drugs money. Characters include a redundant bedspring fitter who has reinvented himself as a 'Private Eye'. An art-connoisseur drug dealer. The redoubtable Detective Inspector Crust. Drawing on his deep knowledge of Liverpool life; his background in the Merchant Marine; and his perceptions of art-collecting, Vincent McInerney crafts an engaging taleWith scenes set in Liverpool city, its docks, plus a shoot-out on a container ship in a storm, FAKES has a vitality and wit that draws on the author's previous work for radio / the stage / and as a commissioned film-maker/ screenwriter, and leaves the reader engaged and surprised right to the end.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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