Chairs : 1,000 Masterpieces of Modern Design, 1800 to the Present Day by Charlotte Fiell

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From Alvar Aalto to Marco Zanuso, Chairs introduces over 1,000 groundbreaking innovations by the world's greatest designers. Tracing the history of the modern chair from 1800 to the present day, revered experts Charlotte and Peter Fiell comprehensively guide you through the fascinating world of seating design - from the functional office chair to the limited edition art piece. With more than 1,000 exquisite images alongside fascinating insights into the conception, design and production of these masterpieces, this definitive collection includes design classics such as Josef Hoffmann's Sitzmaschine, Robin Day's Polyprop and computer-generated masterworks by Zhang Zhoujie, amongst many more.
Binding: Hardback

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