Write for Life : A Toolkit for Writers from the author of multimillion bestseller THE ARTIST'S WAY by Julia Cameron

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ONE OF THE WATKINS TOP 100 MOST SPIRITUALLY INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE OF 2023From JULIA CAMERON, author of the multimillion bestselling THE ARTISTS WAY comes WRITE FOR LIFE. Legendary author of The Artist's Way Julia Cameron has pioneered the field of creative recovery, inspiring millions of people around the world to discover their true creative selves. Now in Write for Life, the 'Queen of Creativity' speaks directly to writers - it is an openhearted invitation to begin, stick with, and finish a project. Write for Life delivers a wonderful balance of firm and inspiring advice, shaped into a 6-week program for writers of all levels. From setting daily writing quotas to changing genres, fighting perfectionism to polishing a first draft, Julia Cameron provides holistic guidance and support every step of the way. Write for Life is written for every writer, and every writer should read it. It is Julia Cameron at her best, distilling decades of wisdom and experience in practical lessons on the craft and spiritual practice of writing. Itis an unmissable addition to Julia Cameron's creative canon, destined to sit in the pantheon of classic books on writing.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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