Conversations from a Long Marriage : based on the beloved BBC Radio 4 comedy starring Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam by Jan Etherington

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A sheer joy' JOANNA LUMLEY'This book gives me hope ... that life and marriage might permanently include taking the absolute piss while simultaneously dancing in the kitchen' EMMA FREUD'An endearing portrait of exasperation, laced with hard won tolerance - and love' GUARDIANJoanna and Roger have been married for over forty years. Children of the Sixties, they're still free spirits, drawn together by their passion for music - and each other. Conversations from a Long Marriage is exactly that: following conversations that take them from the local cafe, to their kitchen table, taking in her resentment of new glasses - a symbol of ageing - and fury at being lectured by the dental hygienist. He has a dodgy knee and is on statins, and when they discuss the marriage break-up of their closest friends, Sally and Peter, there's jealousy and talk of affairs. She suggests there are advantages to single beds, separate holidays and wants to go clubbing in Ibiza for her imminent 'big' birthday. Witty, big-hearted and a whole lot of fun, Conversations from a Long Marriage will resonate with couples of any age - but especially those who are still dancing in the kitchen, singing in the car and trying to keep the passion alive.
Binding: Hardback

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