Misty : The Music of Johnny Mathis by Johnny Mathis

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Few singers have been able to change with the times like Johnny Mathis. Although his fame rests on his massive popularity in the 50s and 60s when he competed with Elvis and Frank Sinatra and outsold almost anyone, Mathis has remained relevant through the decades and no other crooner is as technically skilled or able to cover multiple genres so convincingly. Jazz, soul, disco, country, classic and contemporary pop, Mathis has adapted his impressive vocal range to all kinds of music and transgressed the stereotype of what a male voice is supposed to sound like. The longest-running artist on Columbia, he has been recognized by the record industry with The Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award and three recordings in the Grammy Hall of Fame, but so far, there hasn't been an exhaustive examination of his complete recordings in book form. Authorized by Mathis and including fresh insights from himself as well as his producers and arrangers, Misty: The Music of Johnny Mathis, rights that wrong. With detailed discussions of the records and a discography, the book traces Mathis's musical journey from the past to the present and includes a wealth of photos and album scans from his own archive. It's the ideal companion for fans and new listeners interested in exploring one of the most prominent voices in American music.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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