The Organised Cook : The life-changing way to save time, shop smarter and eat more healthily by Amelia Freer

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THE PERFECT HEALTHY COOKBOOK FOR THE FAMILY THIS CHRISTMASDo you want to eat healthy meals, consistently? Are you short of time and energy? Do you worry about the impact of your food shopping, both on your weekly budget and on the environment? Nutritional Therapist and bestselling author Amelia Freer is here to show you that eating well every day doesn't need to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. In The Organised Cook, Amelia shows us easy ways to form life-changing habits when it comes to organising our kitchens, shopping and preparing and eating food. With the right strategies in place, you can reduce stress, shop smarter and always have a nutritious, satisfying meal to hand. Including 70 of Amelia's original, easy and healthy recipes, this book is packed with practical advice about how to organise your kitchen, approach food shopping, cook efficiently and plan meals for the week ahead.
Binding: Hardback

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