Life is Strange: 4-6 Boxed Set by Emma Vieceli

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Collecting the emotional final three volumes in best-selling series inspired by the BAFTA-Award winning videogame, featuring exclusive art prints!Though her first attempt at crossing the veil left her weakened, and Tristan stranded alone in her original universe, Max Caulfield was never going to stop fighting to get back to the woman she loves. Across the timelines, Chloe, Max, Rachel and their friends travel across the states and towards and uncertain future. Along the way, they'll test themselves and each other - but when an unexpected ally (or two!) presents appears, Max finally believes she's found the strength to return home. Only a new storm, one that threatens to destroy Max's work across the timelines, stands between her and Chloe Price. Collects Life is Strange: Partners in Time - Tracks, Life is Strange: Coming Home and Life is Strange: Settling Dust, plus exclusive art cards using artwork from the series.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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