Doctor Who: Origins by Jody Houser

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THIS UNIQUE DOCTOR WHO GRAPHIC NOVEL BRINGS A FRESH TAKE ON THE BELOVED TIME-TRAVELER WITH A BRAND-NEW NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN ADVENTURE STARRING THE FUGITIVE DOCTOR!Eisner-nominate writer Jody House (Supergirl, Stranger Things) and fan-favorite artist Roberta Ingranata (Witchblade) return for another spectacular time-traveling adventure which deepens the lore of the Doctor Who universe. The clandestine Time Lord organization called Division has sent the Doctor to eliminate a threat to Gallifrey. Joined by her new partner, Taslo, they soon discover something amiss. What secret are the Time Lords hiding? And how much danger does it put them in? Discover exactly why the Doctor became hunted by Division and branded a fugitive... Buy it, read it, then travel back in time to read it for the first time all over again...!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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