The People Watcher : The heart-stopping new thriller from the Richard and Judy Book Club author packed with suspense and shocking twists by Sam Lloyd

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WOW! So full of suspense. The ending was a shocker!' ? Reader Review'Propulsive, sinister, gripping' - ALEX MICHAELIDES, international bestselling author of The Silent Patient'One thing I've learned, these last few weeks, is that small acts of kindness are far less effective than fear...'Meet Mercy Lake. She likes to fix things: broken toys, old appliances. People. She watches them in the dead of night, identifies what their lives are lacking and gives it to them . . . quietly. So quietly, they don't even know she exists. Then Mercy meets Louis. He believes some of these people deserve punishment, not help. Joining up with him to dispense a little harmless justice feels good - at first. But when people start getting hurt, Mercy must decide if the ends can ever justify their increasingly violent means. And soon, their interventions draw the attention of the very person Mercy embraced her nocturnal existence to evade. Someone who will go to extreme lengths to make her pay for knowing their secret . . . The People Watcher is a shiver-inducing, heart-pounding suspense that will keep you up into the early hours - perfect for fans of Stephen King, Alex Michaelides and Catherine Ryan Howard. ********Readers can't put down The People Watcher!'Wow wow wow this book did not disappoint. I read it in 2 sittings. So many twists and turns. I absolutely loved this book - a must read!!' 'Original, creepy and devastatingly clever. I raced through The People Watcher yet didn't want it to end. Utterly addictive. I loved it!' Sunday Times bestseller ANDREA MARA'Oh ... my ... word. The ending was such a shock and left me speechless. I normally see things coming, but not this time!' 'Twisty and dark as the night itself, it is impossible to put down. A triumph.' - NEIL LANCASTER'Absorbing and richly detailed, a novel with real heart.' LISA BALLANTYNE, Richard & Judy book club bestselling author of The Guilty One'Non-stop drama, full of surprises and twists and turns. I found it thoroughly engaging, something different and one not to be missed.' 'Intriguing characters and a gripping plot - what crime fiction should be!' 'Another cracking slow burner thriller from Sam Lloyd.' **AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER NOW**
Binding: Hardback

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