Emergent : Rewilding Nature, Regenerating Food and Healing the World by Restoring the Connection Between People and the Wild by Miriam Kate McDonald

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In Emergent, Miriam McDonald explores the relationships that bind our world together. It is by reintegrating lost species with historic ranges that rewilding reignites the miraculous dance of life across landscapes. It is through reforming severed relationships that regenerative farmers build soil, produce nutrient-dense food and foster a renewed sense of kinship and community. And it is by reweaving our lives with those of the wild that we can restore our earth and ourselves. Regenerative agriculture and rewilding grow from the same root but appear as separate entities to our unaccustomed eyes, divided by how we view ourselves within, or banish ourselves from, the land. Emergent delves into this divide to explore the fascinating story of our exclusion from the wild and the scientific discovery of our interdependence with it. Above all, Emergent gives us a reason to be hopeful. To embrace all that humanity is, and can be, as an amazingly beneficial force in a complex and connected world.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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