Crossplay Love: Otaku x Punk Vol. 4 by Toru

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When Shimazaki asks Hanae to help him with some modeling, Hana becomes a wig model. Mei is disappointed to see Hana with a stranger (a.k.a. Shimazaki in cosplay), worrying about what their relationship could be. Then Shuumei's best friend, Yuzuru, recognizes Shimazaki...and figures out that Hana is really Hanae?! Yuzuru is the only one who knows both of their secrets, but what's he supposed to say?Series Overview: Shuumei has a problem: he's in love with Hana, a girl who works in a maid cafe. Unfortunately, he's too embarrassed to go in and talk to her...until he puts on girl's clothes and transforms himself into Mei. What Shuumei doesn't realize is that Hana is actually Hanae, an otaku boy who's more comfortable with people when he's dressed as a girl! What's more, neither of them are aware that they both go to the same school. Appearances can be deceiving in this wacky cross-dressing love comedy!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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