Time to Roll by Jamie Sumner

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In the eagerly anticipated sequel to Jamie Sumner?_Ts acclaimed and beloved middle grade novel Roll with It, Ellie finds her own way to shine. Ellie is so not the pageant type. They?_Tre Coralee?_Ts thing, and Ellie is happy to let her talented friend shine in the spotlight. But what?_Ts she supposed to do when Coralee asks her to enter a beauty pageant, and their other best friend, Bert, volunteers to be their manager? Then again, how else is she going to get through this summer with her dad, who barely knows her, while her mom is off on her honeymoon with Ellie?_Ts amazing gym teacher? Ellie decides she has nothing to lose. There?_Ts only one problem: the director of the pageant seems determined to put Ellie and her wheelchair front and center. So it?_Ts up to Ellie to figure out a way to do it on her own terms and make sure her friendships don?_Tt fall apart along the way. Through it all, from thrift store deep dives to disastrous dance routines, she begins to form her own definition of beauty and what it means to really be seen.
Binding: Hardback

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