The Forgotten Promise : A captivating gripping escapist WW2 Malaya historical fiction novel by Paula Greenlees

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Malaya, 1920: Two girls make a promise in the shadows of the jungle. A promise that life won't let them easily keep. Malaya, 1941: Ella is running her late father's tin mine in the Kledang hills, while Noor works as her cook. When the war that felt so far away suddenly arrives on their doorstep, Ella is torn apart from her family. Her daughter Grace is left in Noor's care as Japanese soldiers seize the mine. Ella is forced to make an impossible choice that takes her to England, thousands of miles from home. She is desperate to be reunited with her loved ones. But will the life she returns to be anything like the life she left behind?-------------------------------------------Praise for Paula Greenlees:'This atmospheric tale celebrates loyalty and courage' People's Friend'Paula's novel transports the reader to a long-forgotten and fascinating time...' LOUISE FEIN'Guaranteed to transport you to exotic climes and engross you in the story of its troubled heroine' LIZ TRENOW'A beautiful, immersive tale that will keep you turning the pages until the end' JENNY ASHCROFT
Binding: Paperback / softback

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