The Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Book : The Ultimate Worcester Sauce Lover's Guide by H.J. Heinz Foods UK Limited

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Expertly made by Lea & Perrins since 1837 and left to mature for 18 months before being sold, Worcestershire sauce provides a complex kick to any dish it's added to. But the much beloved sauce is far more than just a table condiment. Ideal for those who love a dash of extra flavour in life, this wonderful collection of recipes is full of exciting dishes and tangy twists on everyday favourites. The Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce Book is dripping with delicious recipes to choose from, featuring classic family dinners, lunches and snacks - from souped up staples such Lancashire Hot Pot or Toad in the Hole to continental cuisine like Moules Mariniere; dig into the Summery Steak Sandwich or keep it light with a fresh Cobb Salad; lavish time on side dishes with offerings such as Dauphinois and Cheesy Potato Skins; or up your nibbles game with the perfect Parmesan Straws. Beautifully designed and illustrated with specially commissioned photography, fascinating memorabilia and vintage adverts from the Lea & Perrins archive, this the perfect, irresistible gift for every Worcestershire sauce fan you know.
Binding: Hardback

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