Patient 1 : Forgetting and Finding Myself by Dr.Edward Wild

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Searingly honest and important' RACHEL CLARKEHonest, intelligent and unsentimental, Patient 1 is a startling self-portrait written with wit and vulnerability, and a unique testament to the power of hope in the face of illness. Charlotte Raven had never heard of Huntington's Disease when, in her mid-thirties, she discovered that her father was suffering from the illness. Life for her and her young family would never be the same again. Frank and fearless, this is her memoir of coming to terms with this inherited neurodegenerative disease and its impact on her body, mind and memory. It is at once an act of self-preservation and a kind of reckoning: with the illness, with the person she once was and with the person she is now. In an afterword, Raven's doctor Ed Wild - one of the country's leading experts in Huntington's - explains how doctors and patients like Charlotte are working together in the hope of one day eliminating this disease altogether. 'Insightful, frank and often moving...Raven writes with humour...and no small amount of courage' GuardianShortlisted for the RSL Christopher Bland Prize 2022
Binding: Paperback / softback

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