Gin Palace : The dead won't be quiet as our Accidental Medium returns in this quirky crime series by Tracy Whitwell

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Tracy Whitwell's second novel Gin Palace picks up with the unwilling crime-solver, Tanz, from the hilarious The Accidental Medium, as she grows accustomed to her rather unusual gift . . . Tanz can talk to ghosts, although she?_Td prefer it if she couldn?_Tt. Struggling to make ends meet as an actress and wholly unsuited to supply teaching, Tanz is only one bad day away from a meltdown. And the babbling ghosts aren?_Tt helping. So when Tanz is offered a paid acting gig in her hometown, things start to look up. But Newcastle?_Ts dead won?_Tt stay quiet for long, and soon Tanz becomes haunted with visions of a mysterious Gin Palace guarded by a sinister figure. As Tanz starts to piece together a terrible tragedy, it becomes clear there?_Ts no limit to what the poltergeist will do to keep his secrets his own. Unfortunately, he?_Ts never met anyone quite like Tanz before . . .
Binding: Paperback / softback

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