Fact or Fake?: The Truth About Survival Skills by Annabel Savery

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Sort the truth from the lies with the Fact or Fake series packed full of unbelievable, mind-boggling facts!This high-interest series for children aged 9-11 sorts the facts from the fakes. From the human body and dinosaurs to history and science, each statement is proved right or wrong, and accompanied by eye-popping graphics that bring each subject to life! Prepare to be surprised and amazed by these sometimes strange, but always fascinating, truths. In Fact or Fake: The Truth About Survival Skills, will you separate the facts from the fakes?:Can you really start a fire with a stick? Is it true that you can clean water with sunlight?Shelter means having a roof over your head, or does it? You can tell if a snake is venomous by the shape of its eyes, fact or fake? Eye-catching illustration, quirky fonts and clever design treatment make this an appealing and unputdownable high interest leisure read for children aged 9+ Other titles in the series: The Truth about the Human Body The Truth about Science The Truth about History The Truth about Space The Truth about Animals The Truth about Planet Earth The Truth about Dinosaurs The Truth about Sports The Truth about Inventions The Truth about Survival Skills
Binding: Paperback / softback

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