The Devil to Pay : A John Pearce Adventure by David Donachie

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1794: Stuck in Palermo harbour, headstrong Lieutenant John Pearce and his trusty Pelicans must repair the battle-damaged HMS Larcher with only meagre funds. Once again, he finds himself protecting Emily Barclay, abandoned by the captain of her merchantman after he discovers her true identity. When Pearce sets sail for Naples, he discovers disloyalty among his crew, who are suspicious of Emily's presence and the troubles that seem to be coming their way. Sailing into danger, they encounter enemies armed with more speed and greater firepower. Lacking proper masts and a bowsprit, Pearce has no option but to run until forced to abandon and burn his ship trapped in an Italian bay. Pearce must face a court-martial for his actions. However, his troubles are only beginning. Admiral Hotham, now in command, seeks to neutralise Pearce, who poses a threat to him. Hotham contrives a deadly plan to send the unwitting Pelicans into mortal danger against a bloodthirsty and piratical Turk called Mehmet Pasha. Only luck and Pearce's fiery thirst for battle can save them.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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