The Other Guinness Girl: A Question of Honor by Emily Hourican

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A gloriously good read' Sunday Independent LIFESURROUNDED BY WEALTH, GLAMOUR AND EXCITEMENTLady Honor Guinness is a reluctant wallflower. But that all changes when she marries Henry 'Chips' Channon, a charming and ambitious American. On his arm, she finds herself at the heart of 1930s London's most elite social circles, mingling with aristocrats, politicians and royalty. But it's not too long before Chips begins toprioritise his aspirations over all else, and Honor begins to wonder who exactly she has married. By her side is her best friend Doris, a young woman eager to establish her place in society. A social butterfly who keeps the details of her family background to herself, Doris is hopeful her beauty and charm will win her a suitable husband, but she has no interest in a romantic attachment. Until she is introduced to 'the most devastating man in London'. Inspired by true-life events, The Other Guinness Girl: A Question of Honor is an elegant, captivating story of two young women navigating friendship, loneliness, love and desire as they try to find their places in a society where the rules seem to change every moment. PRAISE FOR THE GUINNESS GIRLS NOVELS'Utterly captivating ... an absolute page-turner' IRISH INDEPENDENT'Masterfully and glamorously told' SUNDAY BUSINESS POST'Fans of Downton Abbey will adore this' SUNDAY TIMES
Binding: Paperback / softback

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