Eclectic Witchcraft : Old Ways for Modern Magick by David Salisbury

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Step into your power and feel confident in your magick with this modernized and inclusive approach to witchcraft. Charlotte Wilde teaches you foundational skills, such as raising and grounding energy, and then guides you into greater workings, including how to create your own spells. As an eclectic witch, Charlotte shares a collage of practices you can choose from to use in your own path. Featuring essential information on the sabbats, elements, witch's tools, divination, shadow work, and more, Eclectic Witchcraft is an excellent resource for building your unique practice from the ground up. You'll also explore spell jars, candle magick, crystals, herbs, natal charts, and moon magick. Charlotte not only shares the basics, but also encourages you to experiment with your spells, improve your timing, and work through challenges. Includes a foreword by David Salisbury, author of Witchcraft Activism
Binding: Paperback / softback

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