The Secrets of Rochester Place : Unravel this spellbinding tale of family drama, love and betrayal by Iris Costello

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A beautiful story of love and survival for fans of Ruth Hogan and Sally Page. -----A LOST CHILD. A LONG-KEPT SECRET. THE HOUSE THAT HOLDS THE KEYSpring 1937: Teresa is evacuated to London in the wake of the Guernica bombing. She thinks she's found safety in the soothing arms of Mary Davidson and the lofty halls of Rochester Place, but trouble pursues her wherever she goes. Autumn 2020: Corinne, an emergency dispatcher, receives a call from a distressed woman named Mary. But when the ambulance arrives at the address, Mary is nowhere to be found. Intrigued, Corinne investigates and, in doing so, disturbs secrets that have long-dwelt in Rochester Place's crumbling walls. Secrets that, once revealed, will change her life for ever . . . Who is Mary Davidson? And what happened at Rochester Place all those years ago?Set between the dusty halls of Rochester Place and the bustling streets of modern-day Tooting, this emotive, intricately layered mystery tells the spellbinding story of two people, separated by time, yet mysteriously connected through an enchanting Georgian house and the secrets within its walls. -----'A moving, page-turning story - beautifully written and heartfelt' Amanda Prowse, To Love and Be Loved'A rich and tender story of fortitude, family and friendship' Ruth Hogan, The Keeper of Lost Things'Simply spellbinding, very addictive, and so beautifully written' Sophie Irwin, A Ladies Guide to Fortune Hunting'Richly atmospheric, evocative and moving - a triumph of storytelling' Abbie Greaves, The Silent Treatment'Full of intrigue and loss, this beautifully written gothic tale makes for a spellbinding read' Rhiannon Ward, The Quickening'This atmospheric tale of family, friendship and long held secrets is a compelling read' My Weekly'An intriguing story which skilfully entwines the past and present' Heidi Swain, A Taste of Home'Absorbing, moving and multi-layered... A book to curl up with' Emma Curtis, Keep Her Quiet'Beautifully written with a story that draws you in' Jane Corry, We All Have Our Secrets
Binding: Paperback / softback

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