Timelines of Everything : From Woolly Mammoths to World Wars by DK

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From dinosaurs and Vikings to the history of robots and espionage, discover incredible world history in this lavish collection of timelines. Jam-packed with surprising facts and amazing details, such as the most bloodthirsty pirate of all time and the first crime to be solved by studying fingerprints, Timelines of Everything will take you on a whirlwind journey through an illustrated history of time, from the Big Bang to the modern world. More than 120 timelines will provide children with all the general knowledge they need - and even some surprising trivia they don't! Must-know topics and alternative history are showcased with beautiful, detailed illustrations and straightforward, easy-to-read text. With timelines on a diverse range of subjects, Timelines of Everything is the ultimate guide to history for kids. This educational book for children aged 9-12 features: - The entirety of prehistory and history, from the creation of the universe to the modern day. - A chronological structure, with six chapters covering Prehistory, the Ancient World, the Medieval World, the Age of Exploration, the Age of Revolution, and the Modern World. - Big, bright, bold timelines bring history to life and entice children to dive in and discover the past. - More than 130 separate timelines on a diverse range of subjects. - Pages on events and eras are scattered between pages on themes, such as medicine, dance, and trains. The first edition of Timelines of Everything has sold more than 280,000 copies worldwide since its publication in 2018. Now the book has been fully updated, with new information and images to cover recent events, all checked by experts, to ensure it denys to be an essential reference for kids. Whether you want to know key breakthroughs that set the Industrial Revolution in motion or defining moments in the history of fashion, you'll find it all here!Explore the series!If you like Timelines of Everything, why not check out other our exciting titles in the Timelines series? Explore the unique collection of visual timelines which bring big topics to life. Discover leaders, legends and legacies in Timelines of Black History, uncover the natural world with Timelines of Nature and explore key milestones and breakthroughs with Timelines of Science.
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