Divorced Not Dead by Harper Ford

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Don't miss the funniest book of the year! Fans of Ruth Jones, Marian Keyes and Alexandra Potter will love Divorced Not Dead, a no-holds-barred, heartfelt and laugh-out-loud hilarious romcom about being fifty, but absolutely not yet dead yet! ----------------------------------------- We're going to need a bigger drink... Meet Frankie: fifty, divorced and getting back on the horse. After leaving Twatface - her husband of twenty years - she's starting again from scratch. And when her son also flees the nest for university, Frankie decides it's time to throw herself back into the dating game with a vengeance. On best friend Bel's recommendation, Frankie signs up to two dating apps: one for love, another for casual hook-ups (because why the f**k not?!). However, as she navigates this new frontier of catfishing, kittenfishing, ghosts, GILFs and everything in between, she realises the whole dating thing has changed quite a bit - and it really is a bloody jungle out there... Will Frankie find love on the apps? Or the perfect shag? Or - if there's any justice in the world - both? ----------------------------------------- 'Honest, unfiltered, hilarious. Your cheeks will hurt from laughing so much!' Louise Pentland 'A blast!' Daily Mail 'Defiantly funny - we need more books like this!' Georgie Hall 'Sex education was never like this the first time around!' Julie Ma 'Personal, funny, relatable and motivational!' Shazia Mirza 'A no-holds-barred, honest romcom.' Platinum 'Hugely relatable!' Heat 'An unfiltered, hilarious book... highly recommend!' Best 'Funny, frank and loving... Enjoy!' Lesley Sharp 'Whipsmart, feminist and sex-positive...I defy anyone to read this without loudly cackling' Kitty Wilson 'Sweary, sassy and sensational, this is a book that surprises as well as entertains!' Linda's Book Bag ---------------------------------------------- Readers LOVE Divorced Not Dead! 'Absolutely raced through this irreverently funny, clever and thoughtful book. A whip smart novel with a clever heroine!' 'Better than Sex and the City! I loved it and you will too!' 'Made me laugh more than any book I have ever read!' 'A heartwarming and relatable romance novel that celebrates second chances' 'A fabulous, funny five-star read for me!' 'It felt like I was listening to my best friend telling me tales of her dating experience.' 'Ford has perfectly captured the online dating world - warts and all!' 'It's so empowering!' 'The storyline is excellent!' 'Definitely a book to read before you sign up for any dating apps!'
Binding: Paperback / softback

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