Children's Picture Atlas of the Stars by Tom Kerss

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Soar through the night sky with this beautifully illustrated atlas of the stars. Explore constellations and find out about the bright stars that form them, in this beautifully illustrated book for children. Astronomer Tom Kerss introduces the constellations that can be seen in different parts of the world and the legendary stories behind each one. A? Meet the fearsome lion Leo, one of the most ancient constellations in the skiesA? Dive with Hydra, the mythical sea monster that was defeated by HerculesA? Come face-to-face with Orion, the mighty hunter from Greek mythology From amazing animals and brilliant birds to monsters and monster-slayers ?_" children will love learning about these incredible star patterns and the science, history and myths surrounding them. It is the ideal Christmas gift to inspire budding astronomers and spark curiosity for the spectacular skies above.
Binding: Hardback

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