Big Quiz Book 2 : 1001 Brain Busting Trivia Questions by National Geographic Kids

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PRE-ORDER NOW - Published: 12/10/2023

The fun-filled quiz book that kids and the whole family will enjoy Quiz your family and friends with this ultimate Big Quiz Book 2 from National Geographic Kids, bursting with even more questions that will keep everyone guessing and give you hours of fun. Which mammal is the largest animal on Earth? What is the biggest moon in the solar system? How many spines does a European hedgehog have? 1001 questions on everything from animals and nature to science, space, sports and lots moreBrimming with multiple choice and true or false questionsFact-filled answers come with every quiz so you can brush up on your knowledge too Are you up to the challenge? For even more brain-busting questions try the Big Quiz Book (9780008408961).

Binding: Paperback / softback

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